Sunday, 8 May 2016

Know How To Decorate Your Garden With Amazing Bird Feeders

During the winter climate, a lot of birds migrate towards the warmer climatic regions and therefore it is an ideal time to construct a bird feeder in order to attract more birds in your backyard. Even if you already have a bird feeder in your garden, it is a good time to either revamp it or install a new one. Often it happens that we forget that bird feeding is something that we are doing for ourselves, therefore we should do it perfectly. The right way is to have good and clean feeders. It is imperative that you clean your feeders regularly.

In order to clean it regularly, you must scrub the feeder every few weeks so that you can get rid of the mold and dirt. You cannot let the birds eat from a feeder that has dirt on it as it will lead to the birds following ill. Another aspect to remember is that bird feeders tend to attract a lot of squirrels who eat away the food kept for the birds. Therefore you will also have to make your feeder squirrel proof.
If you are confused with what to feed the birds, then there are a variety options to choose from. Sunflower seeds are the most preferred while you can also feed crushed peanuts as it is a high energy and high fat food which is required in winters. Alternatively tiny thistle and Nyjer seeds are also a good option. The usual feed also includes cracked corn and millet. The key is to put a variety of seeds into the feeder so that it attracts a variety of birds.

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